Burglary interrupted: Man held at gunpoint, abducted from his home

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The Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an abduction after a local homeowner interrupted a burglary at his rural Shawnee home Tuesday.

Undersheriff Dave Balleweg said the man returned home about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday and noticed an unfamiliar car in the driveway, but he figured it might be someone visiting a relative who also lives at the home.

The man went inside and ran into a female in a hallway. They exchanged words as he told the woman he lived there.
“Then she said, ‘Babe, somebody is here,’” Balleweg said, and a man appeared from another room with a gun.
The suspects threw the man onto the floor and took his wallet and cell phone, and stole his computer, the undersheriff said.
Then the female “shoves the gun into his mouth,” Balleweg said, as they threatened him harm, forced the man to tell them where the valuables were in the house by starting a countdown.

The suspects abducted the man from his home, wrapping his head in a blanket and placing him in the floorboard of his own 2010 Toyota SUV. The female suspect drove him in that vehicle and the male in a suspect vehicle, described to be a brown “box-shaped” car, possibly a Lincoln Town Car, Balleweg said.

The suspects drove the man to the area of 45th and Bethel Road, where they disabled his vehicle and left him.
The man was able to walk to a home and seek help.

The white male suspect was described as being about 6 feet tall, with red hair and a pointy nose, and weighing about 175 pounds.
The white female was described as being 5 feet, four inches tall, weighing about 125 pounds.

Both suspects were wearing black hooded shirts and blue jeans. The homeowner was roughed up during the ordeal, but suffered no major injuries, he said. Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the sheriff’s office, 273-1727.