Two arrests related to manhunt

heriff’s deputies made two arrests — one late Tuesday night and another Wednesday morning — as a result of a manhunt prompted by a high-speed pursuit through southern Pottawatomie County Tuesday afternoon. Deputy Scott Hawkins tried to initiate a traffic stop Tuesday at Rattlesnake Hill Road and SH 102, but the driver of the suspect vehicle fled the scene.

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Shotgun, plumbers putty mishap injures McLoud man

A McLoud man suffered an accidental gunshot wound to his abdomen Thursday night when he fired a shotgun shell filled with plumbers putty into his stomach. Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Capt. Travis Palmer said the man, age 21, told deputies he took the BB pellets out of a shotgun shell and replaced them with plumbers putty to make a different bullet. From there, Palmer said the man test fired several rounds on items outside and they did pretty good. “He decided to see what it would do to himself if he put a pillow between him and the gun,” Palmer said. The man allegedly shot at himself without a problem, so Palmer said he tried the experiment without the pillow.

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