Contraband found in courthouse toilet

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A Pottawatomie County sheriff’s deputy who spotted a piece of fishing line attached to a toilet seat in the men’s restroom at the courthouse resulted in the discovery of something fishy — a bag of contraband. Undersheriff Dave Balleweg said the initial finding by Deputy Jimmy Brewer occurred Wednesday, which is typically a busy day in court. Deputies watched that restroom, but no one attempted to go in and retrieve whatever was attached to the line. Because the item was stuck and couldn’t be removed easily, an out-of-order sign was placed on the stall until Thursday, when maintenance crews and Balleweg could disconnect the toilet to see what was inside. Just as they suspected, they found a plastic bag containing two hunks of tobacco and a small amount of marijuana, along with rolling papers, he said. But Balleweg said there also was a note for the intended prisoner. “I love you. Keep your head held high,”  the note said, and was signed, “Your wife.” The source of the contraband was unknown, but deputies were glad it didn’t end up being “fished out” by the intended party.