Crime spree suspects face 22 felony counts

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All charges relating to a Seminole and Pottawatomie County crime spree last week are being filed in Seminole County, where the spree originated.
According to court documents, both suspects have 22 pending felony charges against them for their rash of alleged crimes. The two appeared in court last week for an initial appearance, but court records show filings of 22 felony counts.  Jason Kenneth Dimaggio, 31, and Roberto Dale Cardenaz, 44, are both from California.  The suspects were apprehended following a crime spree Sept. 7 that included numerous carjackings, armed robberies and a shooting. They are jailed in the Seminole County jail without bond.

The listed charges show they are charged conjointly with seven counts of conspiracy to commit a felony; two counts of attempted robbery with a weapon; five counts of robbery with a weapon; one count robbery by force or fear; two counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon; one count of robbery with a weapon; one county of assault with a dangerous weapon; one county of assault with a deadly weapon; one county of eluding police; and possession of a firearm after former felony conviction.

The investigation has revealed the suspects came to Oklahoma on a bus from California last week, “with intention to steal a car and drive to Dallas for drugs,” according to Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Inspector Stan Florence.  The duo’s alleged crime spree started in Konawa, moved to Maud, then to the Ralph’s Pharmacy in Tecumseh, where the pair split up. Cardenaz was apprehended on SH 9 following a pursuit to the Norman area, while Dimaggio was found a few blocks away from the Tecumseh pharmacy after the town was placed on lock down for a manhunt.
The spree began with most serious offenses occurring in Konawa, where the men allegedly assaulted a man and shot another during a carjacking.
Their next scheduled court appearance for a status hearing is expected Thursday.