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Family searches for answers after 27-year-old found dead in oil tank

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Terrance Annanders

A family is still seeking answers a month after a 27-year-old Oklahoma man was found dead at the bottom of an oil tank. 

“You don’t expect something this catastrophic to just occur in your life,” Chris Black told News 4. 

Black is talking about what happened to his nephew, 27-year-old Terrance Annanders, who went missing back in October.

“When we got the call Monday night or whatever it was, his dad lives in Kansas. I live in Texas. So, pretty much all for one and one for all, right. So I said are we going tonight or in the morning,” Black said. 

The family searched for several days for Annanders in a rural area of Pottawatomie County near his home. 

About four days later, a family member found his body at the bottom of an oil tank. 

“It was hard, but it was closure,” Black said. “It’s pretty overwhelming.”  

Now, a month later, the details surrounding Annanders’ death are still a mystery. 

“Actually had to cut the side of the tank out to get to him,” Undersheriff JT Palmer said.

Palmer said Annanders had one gunshot wound that wasn’t a fatal wound and did not have any other injuries. 

They’re waiting on the state medical examiner’s office to determine exactly how he died. 

They’re not ruling out homicide or suicide at this time. 

“Very unusual for the gunshot wound and then finding him in a tank, a lot of unanswered questions,” Palmer said. 

While the sheriff’s office hasn’t ruled out suicide, the family is convinced Annanders did not take his own life.

“He leaves a note when he goes to the gas station. So, I have a hard time believing he wouldn’t leave a note,” Black said.

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