Finger Printing

Finger Printing

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We do all fingerprinting Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8am-10:30am and again from 1pm-3:30pm. We DO NOT do prints on Wednesday.

For handgun (SDA) license applications, there is a $25.00 fee for the Sheriff’s Office which must be a cashier’s check, money order or EXACT change in cash. For all of other types of fingerprints the fee is $5.00 per card.

All OSBI fess are explained in the SDA application packet. As of 11/1/2015 the Sheriff’s Office will no longer be able to accept credit card payment for the OSBI and will only accepts Cashier’s Check or Money Order.

More information can be found at

Always Call (405) 275-2526 before you arrive to make sure we have someone on staff.