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Gas Pump Vandalism Skyline Store

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Our office is seeking public assistance in identifying two men who attempted to break into gas pumps at the Skyline Store located at 6004 US Hwy 177 Shawnee, Oklahoma on 2/5/2021.

A solid white Chrysler Aspen SUV, with chrome down the sides of it, a sunroof, and stock chrome rims pulls into the parking lot. Then one male, the first male suspect, with a hoody and black sweat pants wearing a face mask gets out of the vehicle to look around.

Then proceeds to get back into the vehicle and it continues to pull up to the gas pump facing the road. The first male gets out of the vehicle and walks to the back of it while the driver, the second male suspect, gets out of the vehicle. The second male suspect had on a black baseball hat, long sleeve shirt, black pants, and an American Flag face mask.

The driver was hidden behind the gas pumps from the video camera, while the first male suspect would walk around from the passenger side of the vehicle to where the driver was at the gas pump. The first male suspect made three to four trips around the vehicle watching for other vehicles.

If you have information as to who the individuals might be please contact Lt. Scott Hawkins (405) 585-6009 or email .