Investigators Say Drug Addiction Fueled Tri-County Crime

By Adrianna Iwasinski, NEWS 9

The OSBI has identified the suspect in a multi-county crime spree that refused to reveal his identity. He and another suspect appeared in court Thursday where a motive for their crime spree was revealed.

Agents have identified the man as 31-year-old Jason Kenneth Dimaggio. Both he and 45-year-old Robert Del Cardenas went before a judge in the Seminole County Courthouse Thursday afternoon.

Dimaggio and Cardenas 22 felony counts each for Tuesday’s cross-county crime, where they terrorized and robbed several people from Konowa to Maud to Tecumseh, and then tried to evade capture. The men are now charged with robbery and attempted robbery, conspiracy, assault with a deadly weapon and eluding police in both Pottawatomie and Seminole Counties.

Seminole County D.A. Chris Ross is representing the victims in both counties, including Ruben Brewer who was beaten and carjacked in Konowa and Jimmy Cunningham, who was shot trying to help Brewer.

“I believe he is recovering from his gunshot wound. Mr. Brewer is recovering from his beating, and you know we will meet with them at the appropriate time and discuss the case, and they will of course be witnesses for us in this matter,” Ross said.

The two also car jacked and robbed several more people along the way, including three ladies at a church in Maud and a father and son in Tecumseh. They also tried to steal syringes and Oxycontin from a Tecumseh pharmacy.

Investigators said it appeared the motive behind Tuesday’s crime spree was fueled by their need to feed their addiction to drugs. According to an affidavit, Cardenas told investigators that he and Dimaggio are heroin addicts, and they planned to steal a car to travel to Dallas and get more heroin.

After court, Dimaggio continued to be belligerent and deny his role in the crime, but Cardenas showed a little more remorse.

“Sorry we didn’t mean to hurt them. Should have just cooperated,” Cardenas said.

The judge denied bail for Dimaggio and Cardenas. The two could face up to life in prison.

Both men are scheduled to appear back in court on September 16.

Dimaggio and Cardenas are from California and have criminal histories for auto theft and robbery.