Dear resident,

The Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office has identified this residence as a possible owner of livestock in Pottawatomie County. In an attempt to better serve the citizens of Pottawatomie County, the Sheriff’s office has built a database of livestock owners within the jurisdiction of the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s office. The information that you provide will help the deputies in their response to loose live stock or welfare check of livestock. Your Pottawatomie County Sheriff Deputies spend about 6 hours a week responding to calls referencing loose livestock, and welfare check of livestock. The majority of this time is spent attempting to find the owner or contact information of the owner. The Sheriff of Pottawatomie County has recognized this as a problem area and feels that having a database with contact information would better serve the citizens by allowing the dispatch to contact the owner of the loose livestock rather than have a deputy respond and spend time locating the owner. The Sheriff feels this time could be used more efficiently on our continued fight on burglaries and property thefts.

The Sheriff is requesting; if you are an owner of livestock in Pottawatomie County, that you please provide the following information to the Sheriff’s office.The Sheriff’s office understands that you are very busy, but giving this information can allow the deputies to spend more time on the property crimes, and less time trying to put loose livestock back into a fenced enclosure, or impounding the loose livestock because of failure to locate an owner. The impounding of loose livestock can get very expensive on the livestock owner, and can result in criminal charges. The Sheriff feels that this expense can be avoided by being able to contact the owner of the livestock and allowing them to respond to the area of the loose livestock and securing their own animal.Your assistance to this matter would be greatly appreciated and could save you money.

After filling out the attached information sheet please forward it to the Sheriff’s Office by fax, or mail, if you choose not to do either of those you can call the dispatch (405) 273-1727 and request a deputy come to your location and retrieve the information sheet from you.

Thank you again for your attention to this matter.


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