Information was provided by a family member of Deputy Smith. We are greatful for the controbution of the information provided. For questions please email Sgt. Scott Hawkins at

Deputy Odos Neal Smith

On Feb. 3, 1963, a McLoud constable arrested Thomas A. Rittenhouse who had been hitchhiking carrying a rifle. When the constable learned Rittenhouse was AWOL from an Air Force Base in Kansas, he arrested him. The constable contacted Deputy Smith at his home to assist him in transporting Rittenhouse to the county jail. Shortly after 10 p.m., the constable was driving to Shawnee with the deputy and prisoner in the back seat. Neither men noticed the automatic pistol Rittenhouse was carrying in a shoulder holster and his hands were handcuffed in front of him. One mile east of Dale on Highway 270, Rittenhouse drew that weapon and shot Smith four times in the chest, leg and shoulders. The constable wrecked the vehicle and the suspect jumped out. Smith tried to pursue the suspect but collapsed in the roadway. A passing vehicle struck the deputy in the highway. Rittenhouse surrendered to the constable at the scene.