Onyx Update: Week 2 of Handler School


Week two of handler school is coming to an end for Investigator Strand and Onyx. During week two Onyx continued to work Narcotics, do multiple tracks, and work on his criminal apprehension. According to Investigator Strand everything is going well.

Investigator Strand said “I am super excited for Onyx to come back to work, not only will he be an asset to the citizens, but when I am working as an School Resource Deputy at Bethel he will be used as well.”

Once Onyx and Investigator Strand return from the handler school, which is being hosted by Torchlight K9 in Tulsa, Onyx will be used for Narcotic detection, tracking of criminals or missing persons, and criminal apprehension.

We will continue to post updates on Onyx, even after the handler school.