Shotgun, plumbers putty mishap injures McLoud man

A McLoud man suffered an accidental gunshot wound to his abdomen Thursday night when he fired a shotgun shell filled with plumbers putty into his stomach.

Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Capt. Travis Palmer said the man, age 21, told deputies he took the BB pellets out of a shotgun shell and replaced them with plumbers putty to make a different bullet. From there, Palmer said the man test fired several rounds on items outside and they did pretty good.  “He decided to see what it would do to himself if he put a pillow between him and the gun,” Palmer said. The man allegedly shot at himself without a problem, so Palmer said he tried the experiment without the pillow.

On the second try, Palmer said the projectile filled with plumbers putty went through the man’s heavy coat, his shirt and into his upper abdomen.
He was taken to Unity Health Center for injuries to his abdomen, Palmer said. It was possible he would be transferred to an Oklahoma City hospital for removal of the wad, a plastic component of a shotgun shell that encloses the pellets as they travel through the barrel.

Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Flores investigated the incident. His report includes the man’s written statement about what happened, which shows he shot himself in the stomach with “no effect” the first time when using the pillow. But the second time, his statement was that “something went wrong,” Palmer said.  The man’s injuries weren’t considered life threatening.
“Shotguns and plumbers putty don’t mix,” Palmer said.