Stolen car recovered in Tecumseh, one arrested

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A stolen car found in the early morning hours Wednesday by Absentee Shawnee Tribal police near Hardesty Road and Gordon Cooper Drive in Tecumseh led to the arrest of a woman who had outstanding warrants from Shawnee. Kristin Thurman, 28, was arrested by tribal police on complaints of warrants for shoplifting and failure to appear out of Shawnee and was arrested a second time on a complaint of possession of a stolen vehicle by Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Fletcher. She was booked into the Pottawatomie County Public Safety Center on those complaints. Fletcher said Josh Buford, with the Absentee Shawnee Tribal police department, found the abandoned car and ran the vehicle’s identification number, which returned information stating the car was reported stolen from an Oklahoma City dealership. Fletcher and two others with the sheriff’s department assisted tribal police in locating the driver who had abandoned the vehicle, he said. He said he noticed a truck in a parking lot at Benson Park Road and Gordon Cooper and while going to check with the occupants of that vehicle, noticed a woman walking southbound on Gordon Cooper. Fletcher said he questioned the woman about the abandoned vehicle and learned she was not the driver but did know who was.  The woman told Fletcher that the truck “was her ride,” he said. From that point, Fletcher saw the truck pull into the FireLake Casino parking lot. While looking inside the casino for the suspected driver of the vehicle, Fletcher said they located Thurman, who fit the description given to them by the other woman. He said he read Thurman her Miranda rights and questioned her about the abandoned vehicle.
“She said the car ran out of gas,” Fletcher said. “She said she was purchasing it from a dealer and was taking it on a test drive.” After her admission of being the driver of the vehicle, a background check was performed, which indicated the warrants from Shawnee. The car was reported stolen Saturday, April 10. Fletcher said it will be returned to the dealership. A Shawnee police K-9 was called in to investigate the pickup that led Fletcher and other deputies to the casino, after accusations of possible drugs in that vehicle were made.  Fletcher said the police dog did indicate there might be something in the vehicle but upon a search by deputies, no drugs or other illegal materials were found and no further arrests were made. As of late Wednesday evening, Thurman remained jailed at PCPSC with a $2,500 bond for the possession of stolen vehicle complaint and two additional cash bonds of $149 each for the outstanding warrants from Shawnee. An address for Thurman was not provided.